Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mid-December Thaw

At our house today, it was warm. Bright. Sunny.


Both the critters were pleased to get out into the sunshine.

Luna wasn’t sure she really wanted to walk in the snow.

Mind you, she has boots. And a sweater. And a quilted vest. 
But will she wear them? Hardly. 
If she sees me coming with any of them, she runs and hides on the couch. 
Which is really the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen her do. 
She lives on the couch. Like I wouldn’t find her there? 
I think she just panics and races to the safest spot she can think of.

Still, Luna was quite the trouper. 

She went about halfway to the back fence 
and probably would have gone farther, 
but I heard some piteous crying and turned back.

Millie had started to follow us but 
had blundered into some colder, deeper snow 
on the shaded north side of the house. 
Can you tell she’s not liking it?

Gathering herself...

Check out those front paws—she’s gonna jump!

Well, that didn’t really take her very far.

Gathering herself again...

Another try...


Where’d she go?

Ah...back in the sunshine!

Millie: Best spot in the yard. 
You wanna walk to the back fence? 
Knock yourself out. 
I'll be here when you get back.


  1. I have two chihuahuas. One is a short hair, the other a medium hair length one.I also have 2 chugs-chihuahua/pug mixes, the look more pug than chihuahua though.

    1. Aww, sounds like some cute dogs! I never really wanted such a small dog, but I was ready for a dog and she needed a home, so... And she is a lot of fun.

  2. This is just so funny and cute - and great pics - love it! Your perspective on things is always engaging, my friend!

    1. Thanks, Lori. I'm hoping to do more book reviews on my blog, but somehow I never get tired of taking pictures of cats. Oh well. :)