Monday, March 11, 2013

Neighbor Cat

I went for a little walk today and saw one of the neighbor cats. 

She looked so nice against that green background that I stopped to snap a few pictures. 

When she realized I was taking pictures of her, she decided to come say hello and let me get a close-up.

She was going to come right over the fence! 

Then she heard a few more people walking up the road . . . and a dog.

Maybe I'll just hang out here for a while . . . 

She was still there half an hour later when I passed by on my way home. 
Smart choice, pumpkin.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cats Are So Weird

Cats are so weird sometimes.

Millie had followed me outside—she’s sociable and nosy and bossy, so she wanted to supervise whatever I was doing out there.

Evidently the bottom of the grandkid’s slide made a very good perch for monitoring the critter making a bunch of noise out by the shed. I couldn’t tell from the sound whether it was a bird or a rodent, but Millie wasn’t coming in until she finished observing it. Or supervising it. Or perhaps eventually stalking it. 

She was very focused, whatever she was doing. 

So I took her picture and left her to her it.

Cats are so weird sometimes. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Deer Munching in Our Yard

Well, hello!

It snowed a couple of days ago, and after it had stopped, about a dozen deer turned up in our yard. 

Isn't the black edging on her ears lovely?

They were probably just passing through and smelled the block we'd set out a few days earlier. The squirrels had put a dent in it, but there was still plenty left for hungry deer. 

They could hear my camera and kept a wary eye on me, but they weren't alarmed enough to pass up the treat. 

This buck still had his horns.

This fellow had dropped his already . . . 

on both sides. 

And this guy . . . 

looked a little peeved and uncomfortable.

That had to be a nuisance! It kept him from nibbling at the block, although I think he was able to feed on some bushes along the fence line. A couple hours later, we walked the property line to see if his loose horn had fallen off when he hopped the fence. No such luck.