Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Crow on Monday, Snow on Wednesday

It turned cold here in Central Oregon this week.

On Monday, about the only birds I saw were crows, cawing and flying overhead.

I’ve always thought they were ugly on the ground, but they sure do have a lovely shape in flight.

Did anyone else get Cricket magazine as a kid?
Do you remember Ugly Bird?
Wasn’t Ugly Bird a crow?
Maybe that’s where some of my dislike comes from.

Well, that and their ugly cry.

It snowed yesterday, and I don’t think the temperature ever got up to freezing at our house today. 
(I realize it was much colder in parts of Idaho, Montana, and other states, but this is pretty cold for us.)

I didn’t think either Millie or Luna would venture out with me today.

Millie barely made it off the steps.

 And who can blame her? It was a pleasant spot there in the sun.

Luna headed out across the yard with me, but I was maybe a third of the way to the back fence 
when I realized she wasn’t with me. I turned and spotted her sitting on the snow...

basking in the sun.

Yup, she loves that sunshine.

But the cold snow under her rump sent her limping for the warm house. 
Of course, I had to follow. 
There was a cup of tea calling my name.

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